Business garden Office X

is a great weapon to engage and retain your workforce thanks to the multiple advantages such as location, technical specifications, green spaces and excellent work conditions offered by the complex.

When it comes to floor efficiency and space ergonomics, Office X is raising the Class A standards. The business garden proposes a healthy environment with natural light, fresh air and low-noise working atmosphere. By ensuring this confluence of technology and improved experience in workplace, the result is a boost of human performance. 

The complex will have 4 buildings:

The first phase was delivered in Q4 2021, and it features: Building 1 – 23,800 m² and Building 2 – 4,000 m² of leasable office space. The second phase could be delivered at any time from 2022 to 2024, subject to tenant requirements and specifications. It will be comprised of Building 3 and Building 4, 20,000 m² and 7,000 m², respectively.

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